come and knock on our doooor

my bb Rudy keeps chewing up random shit - bras, cardboard boxes, notebooks
he never did that before! maybe he needs some new toys
or a gf, idk

wow so it rained at Sweetlife. hmm dodged a bullet there. and i heard that ppl didn't like Girl Talk's set? that sux.
yesterday was Cinco de Mayo!!!! man, i fell asleep so early, like at 11! my stomach was hurting from the burritos and nachos and candy :(
i didn't even get to show my knee-socks & drink tequila on the rocks

i think i wanna see that bridesmaid movie cuz it looks like it doesn't suck
plus it's so weird that lately i only like Kristen Wiig in movies
she needs to start doing Penelope again tbh

OMG!!!!! i fell asleep before Late Night and i missed Jersey Floor!! Tina and Amy were on that shit! and i missed part of Parks & Rec cuz i was watching The First 48, even though i had no idea what was going on.

and i got a haircut, wuuuuuut son. i did it myself though, so of course this shit is uneven. idgaf i feel so much freer now~

i love everything that this gif chooses to be btw

i'm jumping around a lot :\ anyways, so Sweetlife...yeah. awkward turtle. someone should really recommend a good group counselor
i missed my ~new fav show, The Voice. i'm so behind on the times
tomorrow i'm starting like a detox thing. idk. just a lot of vegetables and such, maybe a mango as well

i think something new's about to happen! but no one's telling me about it, so i'm mad. ok.
well i'm gonna end this cuz my girl Aubrey Plaza's about to be on The Crimson Chin :)

crying into my lean cuisine meal rn

lol psyche no.....
i'm eating a veggie burger actually :'(

The Strokes are headlining the Sweetlife Festival today in Columbia, MD. fuuuuuuuuck i really really wanted to but jfc what a shitty venue. also i'm not very fond of festivals. but the weather is so beautiful today - probably would've been fun

but what ever, i'm sure they're gonna slay - hopefully Julian doesn't forget the words/wear that ugly-ass hat, Fab loosens up and has fun, and Albert had better ~bend and snap

omg i'm so sad. maybe i'll get to see my other favs this summer: Arctic Monkeys and Interpol :)
i'm watching The Voice rn. meh. i can't wait for X-Factor. i'm hoping that it won't be total shit, like other UK shows that America takes on. idk idk

Writer's Block: Fan love

Who is your favorite TV character of all time? Why did s/he make such a big impact on you? Do you collect any memorabilia? Did s/he inspire you creatively in any way?

lol Rose Nylund.
she taught me at a young age to be nice/sweet to people, and it never pays off to be bitchy.
also, if you absolutely HAVE TO be mean, at least be funny :)